Lansing, MI

Grant Consulting Group today announced an increased presence in Tallahassee, Florida and Washington, DC.  The seven-year-old government and public affairs consulting firm founded in Lansing, Michigan by Rhonda Grant has expanded locations, personnel and focus to meet the demands of clients and new markets.  The group’s reputable financial services practice has further broadened expertise into the defense, energy, technology and education fields.

Dr. Ray Spudeck joins Grant Consulting Group as an affiliate organization based out of Tallahassee, Florida.  Dr. Spudeck brings a strong regulatory background from experience with the Securities Valuation Office in New York, many years with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and as the Chief Economist for the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation.

Sean Grant joins Grant Consulting Group in the new Washington, DC location on Capitol Hill.  As Vice President, Sean will play a key role at Grant Consulting Group, providing defense, technology and energy clients with strategy guidance that is informed by in-depth experience working with governments at the international, federal, state and local levels.

Prior to founding Grant Consulting Group, Rhonda Grant headed the government, public and investor relations for Jackson National Life Insurance Company and Prudential Portfolio Managers of America.  While the firm’s initial focus was financial services, today Grant Consulting Group represents a wide range of organizations from large financial services companies, non-profit entities, insurance companies, burgeoning technology firms, modeling and simulation companies, engineering firms, private land developers, architectural firms, energy companies and trade associations.

After years of leading the financial services industry Rhonda Grant noted the additions to the firm, “Will strengthen our business model of positioning our clients to achieve high-impact results working with the government.”  In addition to new locations and staff, Grant Consulting Group has a new online presence that can be found at